Where's Charlottesville?

Charlottesville is two hours south of Washington, DC and one hour west of Richmond, VA, at the intersection of US 29 and Intersate 64.

Where's Tokyo Rose?

From 29S (Washington, points North)
When entering Charlottesville, stay on 29S Business, not Bypass.
After passing U-hall, Uva's basketball arena, take a right on Ivy Rd.
We're on the right hand side in the last shopping plaza before Old Ivy
Rd. (about 1/2 mile), right past Foods of All Nations. Look for bamboo.

From 64E or W
Take exit 118B "Charlottesville, 29N." Follow directions below.

From 29 N (Raleigh/Durham, points South)
DO NOT take 29N Business. Stay on the Bypass. 
Take second exit, "250E Business." Travel east (right) on Ivy Rd. We're 
1/2 mi. on the left right after an Exxon station. 

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